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Educators around the globe identify the following as the source of problems students face.


Researchers have identified the following as solutions

VR Based Education

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    Immersive and Multisensory Learning

    Due to the three-dimensional approach, this technology engulfs the child’s attention in such a way that the learning becomes excessively immersive as well as multi-sensory. The sound and the visuals are designed in such an advanced way that it leaves a learning impact on the mind for a long period of time.

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    Personalized and Self-Paced learning

    VR headsets are Standalone and head-mounted devices. Each student experiences the environment individually and can navigate through the content at their own pace. This helps students learn at their own speed and eliminates unnecessary competition.

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    Interactive 3D Visualizations

    Interactive 3D is a proven way to increase comprehension amongst students of all grades. This technique makes concept clarification easy and helps in the increased power of retention.

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    Mapped Content

    The provided content is completely mapped to suffice the requirements of K-12. Hardware comes with K-12 mapped contents for grades 3rd to 10th.

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    Minimal Distraction and Highest Retention

    Due to its super immersive nature, the VR content is developed in such a manner that makes children highly engrossed in the learning experience. Moreover, the VR environment created by the head-mounted devices ensures negligible distraction...

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    Experiential Learning

    This is the best form of learning where a real-life experience can be brought live in front of their eyes through the devices. A student can completely feel the situation through the three-dimensional portrayal. Ex- they can experience a real farm during learning the various methods of agriculture.

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    Enjoyable Experience

    VR based education makes learning a fun-filled experience. Students learn through gamified and immersive activities which enhances their thinking capabilities.

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    Harmless Environment

    It prevents any possible physical, chemical and/or biological waste that occurs as an outcome of an experiment.


Faster to train in the classroom


More confident to apply skills learned after training


More emotionally connected to content than classroom learners


More focused than their e-learning peers

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Products & Services

VR Headsets

These are unique, one of its kind, head-mounted devices that enable the content to appear real making the user feel completely immersed in its surroundings. Such a visual impact helps in high retention, distraction-freeenvironment providing a gamified experience along with multi-sensory learning.

VR based Content

Extraordinary content repository has been developed after thorough in-depth research conducted for years. The VR-based content offers a three-dimensional computer-generated environment that is specially designed keeping in mind the neuroscientific perspective of a child’s brain functionality. Such content offers a 360-degree understanding of the topic and ensures a long-lasting impact on the mind which makes retention easier and understanding better. This repository is a set of experientials, personalized content created with required pedagogical inputs and are highly interactive for better receptivity.









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